London School of Business and Management

We’ve rebranded the London School of Business and Management as Bloomsbury Institute




Bloomsbury Institute are a higher education provider based in Bloomsbury, London. In 2018, they made the decision to rebrand and rename themselves to better reflect their heritage and locale of the University. The new moniker needed a strong visual identity – some exceptional branding to help elevate themselves from the competition.

Arch Creative were commissioned to create that brand identity.

The chosen creative treatment which features a flower design, was based on the concept of growth and development. At the heart of Bloomsbury Institute is a very caring and supportive culture, helping their students to grow personally as well as academically. The flower symbolises this perfectly, and also had the added connotations of ‘blooming’ which fitted in nicely with the new name.

bloomsbury logo
Bloomsbury Books

This visual can be broken up into individual petals, creating new patterns and imagery that heighten the visual style. It’s a design that lends itself to any situation – whether that’s as art on the walls of the institution or an ad campaign.

The vibrancy of the new orange colour palette reflects the energy of Bloomsbury Institute – it’s a busy, happening place, humming with positive vibes.  


Alongside our new branding, we’ve also created a video that showcases what life is like at Bloomsbury – featuring some of their students. Shot on location in the bustling squares around the Institute, the footage captures the passion, diversity and professionalism of the school and its students.



We’ve assembled brochures and packs to welcome new and potential students to the school. Included in the pack are the distinctive lanyards which you’ll notice bobbing around Bloomsbury (should you ever be in that part of the capital). 

Bloomsbury Institute is a great example of a fully integrated rebrand. All of the elements that needed to change have been altered to reflect the new brand – creating a cohesive, brilliantly realised look-and-feel.

Bloomsbury Map

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