Bloomsbury Institute

Beyond Metrics

Bloomsbury Institute are a higher education provider based in central London, offering degrees in business, law and accounting. Located in the heart of Bloomsbury, the institute provides opportunities to individuals with the potential and determination to succeed.

Through our successful work with the rebranding campaign, Bloomsbury Institute approached Arch to carry out a video campaign aimed at attracting the right kind of people who would fit this ethos.

Is it your time to bloom?

Bloomsbury Institute is surrounded by the best that London has to offer, so we wanted to showcase the beauty of the area through some great footage, and also convey the excitement and buzz of student life here through the time-lapse imagery and narrative.

We interviewed a set of four former students, each from different diverse backgrounds, and asked them questions which were crafted in such a way as to elicit some powerful and engaging answers.

The resulting three minute film gives an authentic sense of what life at Bloomsbury Institute is genuinely like; a place which gives opportunities and builds confidence and progression in people – something which is ‘beyond metrics.’

Congratulations card for Bloomsbury Graduation
bloomsbury institute graduation branding

Online graduations

An online graduation would have seemed madness before 2020, however COVID-19 forced the hand of many higher-education institutions, changing the game and making virtual ceremonies part and parcel of Uni life.

The Bloomsbury Institute took to the online aspect of teaching (and receiving diplomas) like ducks to water, and Arch Creative were on hand to handle the situation from concept, to vent branding, live screening, through to merchandise the students received.

Take a look at our Bloomsbury Institute branding project here.

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