If you know anything about Arch, you’ll know that one of our clients is healthy snacks startup Fruity Beauties. Yesterday, the team announced that they are now officially stocked by supermarket giants Ocado!




Fruity Beauties aren’t just snacks for kids. They’re genuinely healthy. Suitable for vegans, organic, high-fibre and Fair Trade, there are loads of reasons to enjoy Fruity Beauties – not least because they taste great!

Top Down Fruity Beauties Bars

This is all before we’ve mentioned the great work the Fruity Beauties team do for charity – supporting Love Support Unite through profit donations.

Plus, all Fruity Beauties items are made via the Soil Association. This means everything is “produced with natural fertilisers from plants, less energy and more respect for the animals that provide it.” Brilliant.


This is a massive step for Fruity Beauties. It’s giving them national exposure and the chance to really grow their brand. We’re right alongside them creating design collateral to help their marketing push.

Fruity Beauties Bar

Creative Partners

This cheeky little animation was the announcement for Ocado saying yes to the Fruity team. We’ve also created some photography that makes the snacks look even tastier – as if they needed any help!

Bars in lunchbox

“Since our yummy bars were taken up by Ocado, we have been busy getting our design work in line working towards the big launch! Arch have been on hand to produce a wealth of great assets for us including graphics to promote our Fairtrade and Organic status. They’ve also created animations and website additions which demonstrate our brand personality and visual representations for Fruity Beauties.”

“We have been working with Arch for 4 years now and continue to appreciate their stringent and focussed approach, not only to getting the work done but also their valued input in helping us to communicate both the attributes of our products and the wider messages of our company. We are thrilled with our strong ongoing relationship and look forward to developing even further with Arch by our side.”

Alicia Porter

Fruity Beauties

Fruity Beauties have got a bright, delicious future ahead of them. We’ll be right beside them every step of the way – and if we get the occasional box of tasty treats, well that’ll be a bonus.

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