Positively juicy branding

Fruity Beauties is a startup company with big ideas. Only recently launched, Fruity Beauties sell a range of ice pops with vitamin C goodness in a selection of nutritious fruity flavours. Initially launching ice pops, the company plans to expand the range across a variety of products aimed at children, festival goers and further afield.

Once the brand was approved we set to work crafting the new website. The new design would act as an immersive platform from within which the story, idea, and quality of the products could be told.

Fruity Beauties

“Arch entirely grasped and embraced our brand concept and applied their vast knowledge and experience into developing a brand which we instantly connected with and was in keeping with our ideals for the concept and the company ethos.”

Alicia Porter & Lucy Sinclair

Fruity Beauties

Bringing the brand to life with distinctive character design

Yum! We love it when clients come to us with exciting products to brand and market – exactly what the team behind Fruity Beauties have done!

Working closely with the client, we developed a social community. The Little Fruities page is interactive, with the functionality for kids to upload drawings of their favourite characters.

Through the use of simple animation the website brings the Fruity Beauty characters to life. Our digital team also devised a neat CMS to enable their staff to simply update the website.

The Fruity Frolicks page features the adventures of the Fruity Beauties team in their caravan Junie, and their kooky VW camper van. Its little touches like these that bring the brand to life and add extra value to the product.

Their tasty, yet healthy, range of ice pops is the first step in a fun journey, which we’re excited to be part of.

Take a look at the site fruitybeauties.co.uk

Fruity Beauties

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