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In 2017 Arch Creative rebranded. We redesigned our look and feel and our website – and the results speak for themselves.

Website design and development is crucial for any business. Your website is your online shop window – a shop window that anyone can see at any time thanks to the power of mobile.

As a key part of the rebrand, we redesigned our site to make it more visually appealing, showcase our work in an exciting way and show off our design skills. Take a look at our web and digital showreel video below.


The effects of a web redesign

We had more business enquiries at the beginning of 2018 than ever before. A lot of this could be attributed to our redesign. It’s simple — well designed, well-developed websites convert more customers.

What goes into the process of creating a high-quality website? We asked our senior developer Dan to go over some of the finer points of what he does and how he does it:


What do you do at Arch Creative?:

I take designs and turn them into responsive websites which are easy to update by our clients. In the vast majority of cases, this is done by creating a bespoke WordPress theme and customising the administration interface to make it as simple and flexible as possible. Sometimes we use other technologies, such as custom built content management systems or whatever other tools may be suited to the job, but it’s fair to say we specialise in bespoke WordPress development.

How does the process work? Who designs the site? Who develops?

The project manager will initially gain a full understanding of the client’s requirements, and then this will be discussed in-house between the design, development and SEO specialists to ensure that the final project will perform well on all of these fronts. It’s not enough to have a site that functions if it looks terrible or one that looks great if it doesn’t function. Similarly, if it looks great and functions well but nobody can find it, that’s not good for anyone.

Once these discussions are complete, the site designs are created and agreed with the client, and then passed over to the developers. It’s our job to work out the best way to make those designs function well for the site’s users and also be easy for the client to keep up to date. This usually involves highlighting areas which are common to various pages and can be treated in the same way.


Why do you work in this way?

This modular approach is useful for several reasons:

  • Easier for the end user to understand if information is presented in similar ways
  • Easier for the site administrator to update, because similar sections will all be edited in the same way
  • Quicker development time, so reduced costs for the client

What are the most important things to remember when designing a site?

The most important things in my opinion are:

  1. Trying to nail down the requirements as well as possible initially – things bolted on afterwards can make a great design unwieldy
  2. Catering for different screen sizes and device categories – ie. desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile
  3. Including enough relevant content for both human beings and search engines to understand
  4. Trying not to end up with too many different looking templates – the site becomes harder to manage and navigate.
  5. Not letting page weight spiral out of control – huge numbers of users will be using mobile connections which can be slow




Something extra

Designing and developing high-quality websites is one thing, but you need to make sure these sites are seen, heard and people are visiting them. That’s where SEO and a content plan comes in.

At Arch, we fully believe that a good content plan and a focus on SEO can make or break your website. That’s why we offer SEO implementation as a service, and the option to have us create a content strategy for your future marketing plans.

Our SEO review can involve:

  • On-page SEO, checking the site is well-structured for search engines
  • Checking your website copy for keywords and best practices
  • Checking the technical side of your site is optimised

SEO can be the difference between your website being seen and lost in the depths of Google. Don’t neglect it.


Content Planning

We also develop engaging content plans for our clients. A content plan is, essentially, a calendar that plans out your future activity – be that blogging, video content, white papers, infographics, social media updates or anything else that’ll help to grow your brand. It includes when you need to create, post and promote content in order to get the best results.

As well as being a huge factor in the success of your site’s SEO, content plans are a crucial part of your websites general marketing strategy.

One key way that we’ve been improving websites is adding video. You can check out some of the video projects that we handle in-house on our specialist landing page.

Why Arch?

All of our developers at Arch have a high level of expertise. It’s what makes the sites that we create successful. Take our website for client Ataraxia, for example. Our redesign helped to increase the company’s sales pipeline by 50% – which was a great achievement. It’s an example of how a genuinely intuitive site can actively grow a business.


As well as creating websites for companies such as MTV and Accurist Watches we’ve recently launched websites for our amazing clients Meadow Foods, The Security Company and Energy Buzz amongst others. All these sites were designed to instil confidence in our clients, and give them a usable sales tool through a credible online presence. Keep your eyes on our blog feed for more info on these projects.

Need a website designing and/or developing for your business? Want some expert guidance on SEO and content planning? Give Arch a call.

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