Arch unite with Claremont to create a white paper for the UK’s number one choice for student accommodation.




Unite Students

Arch Creative have recently worked alongside Claremont, a London-based behaviour change communications agency, to develop a white paper for Unite Students – the UK’s number one choice for student accommodation.

Entitled The Leap, the report gives advice on making “the leap” from school to university – it’s a great piece of content marketing which is genuinely helpful to the students who’ll encounter it. It shares a name with Unite’s online source of information on the same subject.  Inside, prospective students (and their parents) can read the thoughts and take the advice of both current and former uni-goers to streamline their transition.

Unite White Paper design spread

The Leap

The Leap contains statistics, tips and quotes which, together, form a cohesive view of what to expect from Uni life. Of course, this cohesive view wouldn’t be possible without a coherent design – it was Arch’s task to present the information that Claremont and Unite had put together in a visually appealing, engaging way.

Using the brand guidelines supplied by Unite, we crafted a clean and easy-to-follow document that perfectly fits into the Unite style. We created a range of contemporary infographics and illustrations to enhance the brand look and feel.

Unite Students White Paper Cover
Unite White Paper Photography and Design

White Paper

We’ve developed the white paper to be easily accessible to someone who may have a lot on their mind – a student, nervous about starting university, for example. It’s a lot of information to take in, so we were careful that our design work wasn’t too overwhelming, or too distracting from the vital content.

In terms of content and style, the document bears similarities to another white paper we’ve created – specifically, another project created alongside Claremont for Ikano Bank and The School of Life “A Simpler Britain”.

The Leap is a great example of content marketing. If you’re looking for something to engage your client base – whether they’re students or anyone else – give Arch Creative a call today.  

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Unite White Paper Graphics

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