Arch Creative have assisted Ikano Bank in producing a White Paper on the topic of “A Simpler Britain.”

Drawing from their Swedish heritage for inspiration, which has a foundation in simplicity, Ikano have investigated whether or not the British public could benefit from a simpler philosophy towards life.

A lot of aspects of daily life have become increasingly complex and confusing, and simpler solutions have become desirable. From dealing with home finances and stressful work situations to the hectic impact of the digital world and social anxieties such as FOMO, 46% of the UK public think that their lives are too complicated. Ikano wants us to take a step back from the chaos and are using this White Paper to contribute to the conversation on how we can live better and more fulfilled lives.

Taking Ikano’s PR agency Claremont Communication’s concept and statistics collected together with copy written by Alain de Botton from The School of Life, Arch Creative illustrated a series of infographics for the White Paper which visually demonstrate the statistics collected from 5000 randomly selected Brits.

Although the white paper incorporated Ikano photography, typographic style and colour palette, the design utilised a new simple line drawing style which reflected the simplicity theme.

The book was printed on beautiful uncoated paper, was embossed with a subtle Union Flag over the front and back cover and sealed with an ‘open in case of complexity’ band. We also created several versions of the book which were placed within red wooden and glass cases resembling large ‘break in case of emergency’ boxes. These were sent to key influencers and members of the Ikano Bank team.

Finally, we combined all of the key statistics and infographics and created a series of animated videos which were used as part of a social media campaign which you can see here:

If you’d take simply going to the pub for a pint, rather than dealing with the complex aspects of modern living, then follow the #simplerbritain hashtag and discover more about Ikano and their Swedish simplicity, and take a look at the Ikano website: for updates throughout the year.