Domestic Abuse ‘Wrong campaign’

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It’s great when our work can make a real difference.

We work with a range of local public sector organisations and support services and this sort of project aims for a different kind of result – not sales and exposure, but stopping abuse, saving lives, supporting communities and helping to give people better futures.

We’ve been working with Leicester City Council since we started Arch back in 2006 and are one of their preferred suppliers. We now work across a number of divisions including the Youth Service and United Against Violence & Abuse (UAVA).

Leicester City Council
Leicester City Council
Leicester City Council

Attention grabbing creative

We were approached by the UAVA to work on a major ad campaign centred around the prevention of domestic and sexual abuse. We collaborated to develop an Out-Of-Home campaign across city centre locations.

Our approach to this campaign avoided using clichéd photographic approaches. Our intention was to grab attention with a powerful typographic approach paired with imagery that encourages closer inspection.

The concept revolves around the placing of the word WRONG into everyday situations with a broken object replacing the letter O. It’s a subtle yet effective campaign, which draws the viewer in to read more.

Leicester City Council

Leicestershire Police Christmas ads

The campaign was so successful that Leicestershire Police commissioned their own set of ads to be placed throughout the Christmas period at Highcross Shopping Centre. Domestic abuse is notoriously worse during Christmas, so the ads were produced to target those suspecting that a friend, family member or neighbour is experiencing sexual, physical or psychological domestic abuse.

Leicester City Council
Leicester City Council

“Neither survivors or local organisations want to see depressing images; they want a message of hope. Designs have to be simple, subtle and eye catching and that can be very difficult when talking about sexual or domestic violence. We are really pleased with the unique designs and the positive comments Arch have generated.”

Stephanie McBurney
DV Co-ordinator

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