Weatherbys Private Bank

Refresh for iconic brand

Weatherbys is an iconic family run business founded in 1770 which is steeped in horse racing heritage. Over the last 250 years Weatherbys has evolved to become a group of companies which include Weatherbys Racing Bank and Weatherbys Private Bank, which was named Private Bank of the Year 2021.

A contemporary feel for a heritage brand

Arch have worked in the financial and wealth management sector for many years, so were approached by Weatherbys to give their brand a refresh. They wanted to become more attractive to a broader audience, whilst maintaining brand gravitas but becoming more forward looking and dynamic.
Working closely with the client, we kicked things off by developing a new colour palette with a vibrant range of secondary colours to give the brand more flexibility and scope to create a range of engaging designs. We then chose new brand fonts that deliver a timeless sophisticated image. We also created a new graphic device with the slanted shape to inject dynamic motion into the designs.

  • A new set of brand guidelines
  • A range of new print and digital marketing materials
  • A new set of digital ads
  • A new approach to video content for LinkedIn
  • Graphics to create a more inspiring and branded workplace
  • Internal comms campaigns and video production

Following the brand roll-out, we continue to work closely with Weatherbys on their day-to-day marketing requirements.

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