Experience. Shared.

Connecting like-minded adventurers with the perfect adventure

Travelling is a dream for a lot of people.

The allure of exotic locations, a connection with nature and a chance to duck out of the rat race (or postpone joining it) have almost turned globetrotting into a rite of passage for any self-respecting late-teen or twenty-something.

But it isn’t as easy as jumping on a plane and heading to South America. Travel takes time, planning and, sometimes, someone to go with.

A Travamigos trip
Travamigos orange flag with logo against a blue sky

The answer is Travamigos.

The modern-day answer to group travel, the Travamigos platform introduces solo backpackers to fellow adventurers, and helps them to plan, book and share amazing experiences.

Whether you’re into climbing mountains, trekking jungles or partying on the beach, Travamigos is the peer-to-peer social network which allows travellers to find friends and create the perfect trip together.

Travamigos had an existing brand identity but it didn’t reflect the ambition of the business: to disrupt the travel industry. They wanted their brand to instantly inspire people to take the trip of a lifetime, so they approached Arch to help.

Travamigos app on someone's phone
Travamigos business cards

Experience. Shared.

To elevate the Travamigos brand we had to get inside the head of the wannabe adventurer, discover what makes the company authentic and put those two things together.

We developed a multifaceted icon which would not only look unique, but would also visually represent and unify the core aspects of Travamigos:

People: You can’t have an adventure without them
Heart: Find like-minded people to share emotive experiences
Direction: Pointing the way to a new adventure
Destination: Where the adventures and experiences are shared
Travamigos: The missing piece in the puzzle, making it all come together

The animated ident amalgamates these facets whilst helping the audience simply understand the Travamigos proposition.

A colour palette of a burnt orange and vibrant turquoise reflects the glorious sunsets and aqua seas of popular Travamigos locations such as Thailand and Vietnam, which feature strongly in the transfers.

“In my uncreative head, the brief for the Travamigos re-brand seemed really simple… just design a cool, recognisable logo and send it over to me!? It wasn’t until the team sat me down for the briefing workshops that I realised how much there was to consider. With regular satisfaction meetings, and a constantly evolving submission deck, the team at Arch delivered the final masterpiece at our offices in Leicester and we were completely blown away. We’re proud to say that Arch are now our creative partner, and we have lots more exciting projects planned for the near future.”

James Wormington
Travamigos CEO

Locating the brand

The Travamigos brand, created by Arch, is now a genuine representation of what they stand for. A fiercely vibrant colour palette matched with distinctive iconography has transformed the look-and-feel into one that conveys intelligent tech, disruptor sensibilities and innovative product design. Plus, Travamigos now fully represents the audience they’re trying to attract: the wanderers, the adventurers and the real people who just want a hand in sorting out the trip of a lifetime.

Two Travamigos workers on a boat next to a lake in organge shirts

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