Targeted ITV ad for The Spa Hotel

In 2017, we were commissioned to create an ad for The Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village to be aired on the ITV Hub during Love Island and Spa Wars.

Our brief was to create a high-quality ad showcasing the Hotel’s USPs. Sounds simple enough, but a project like this is many faceted and requires stringent organisation and direction. Our work started long before the filming dates, which took place over two days in May, and only culminated at the end of June when the video was signed off by ITV.

We developed several scripted concepts and opted in the end for something simpler – a montage-style video telling the story of a day-in-the-life of the Spa Hotel.



Ribby Hall

After finalising the script, we spent a day and a half in the North West to art direct and shoot. The final product is slick and sexy and showcases the hotel at its best. The video was paired with an up-tempo soundtrack to portray the Spa Hotel as both rejuvenating and energising, combining with a strong call-to-action for an ad with great impact.

It’s airing in the Granada region for the first half of July on the ITV Hub – so if you’re in the area, check it out!

The benefits of VOD (Video On Demand) advertising are plain to see – the huge reach of adverts on popular programming on channels like the ITV Hub means maximum exposure to the targeted audience (audiences pinpointed by their taste in television). The video is on the Ribby Hall Village YouTube channel as well as being part of a social media campaign, both channels serving to bolster the paid effects of the VOD format.



“Working on our latest video project with Arch Creative was a pleasure! The whole process was so thorough and tailored precisely to our needs. The team went above and beyond to exceed our expectations completing unforeseeable tasks – it felt like they invested themselves wholly, almost as if they were part of our company as opposed to being an external agency! We are so thrilled to be able to launch our video online and share this exciting footage with customers new and old!”


Marketing Manager
Ribby Hall Village

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