Samsung Security

Direct to consumer campaigns

Samsung are one of the largest multinationals in the world comprising many divisions and now lead the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.

Arch work primarily across Samsung’s range of security and surveillance products, developing designs and campaigns to promote some of the most innovative products on the market.

Samsung Open Platform campaign

Arch were invited to work on an extensive branding project for Samsung Techwin’s CCTV software system called Open Platform. The sub-brand identity reflected the letters O and P of Open Platform and when conjoined created an infinity loop, which neatly represented the seamless qualities and ‘endless possibilities’ of the product.

The identity was developed across a range of marketing collateral which included a global advertising campaign, infographics, web banners, website landing pages, apps and exhibition panels, and were all translated and typeset into 17 European languages. We were invited to work with Samsung HQ in South Korea, working closely with their Vice President for Global Development based in the US.


SmartCam and BabyView

The SmartCam range are home security cameras with HD video recording that can be streamed straight to mobiles, providing complete control of home security anytime, anywhere. BabyView is a range of Baby Monitors, complete with camera and screen, night vision and two-way talk, ensuring families stay close to their little ones.

Our work for SmartCam and BabyView extends to product boxes and sleeves, brochures, instore POS, web banners, typesetting and language translations.

London Underground campaign

The Samsung Smartcam home security camera has a range of excellent features, but Samsung briefed Arch to focus on the pan and tilt auto-tracking functionality which detects and follows movement, with imagery accessible via WIFI and HD video on any smart device.

We based our humorous idea for this Out-Of-Home advert on a slightly dubious looking Santa breaking and entering via the chimney while the homeowner watches them on their smartphone upstairs from the comfort of their bed.

The adverts were featured inside tube carriages across the London Underground network in the lead up to the festive period together with a discount offer at Curry’s PC World.

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