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Balloonhead is a gaming company who create innovative, easy to share, and most of all fun games for all ages to play.

Arch work collaboratively with developers to help bring their ideas to life, and in the case of Balloonhead we helped to create two games, Panic Match and Monsterland, that turned out to be both beautiful and fun.

If you have an idea for a game that you would like Arch’s help with then get in touch with us to see how we can help you bring it successfully to market.

Balloonhead - Panic Match

Panic Match - find the pair but don't panic!

The premise for Panic Match was simple. Find the matching pair as the objects whirl around the screen – just DON’T run out of time. Or panic.

Panic Match was completely free, utterly addictive, rocket-paced and a true test of reactions and mental agility. Set against a relentless timer, you hunt for the matching objects. Find the pair, touch one – no time to celebrate, you’re on to the next.

We created psychedelic backgrounds and illustrated a crazy cornucopia of objects which needed to be animated in a series of randomised ways. As always, we heavily test every project before going live to ensure a very high standard of work and high levels of engagement whatever the users device. This game was created in Unity for efficient cross-platform delivery, and we worked hard to ensure the game worked well across a variety of device types and screen sizes


Balloonhead - Panic Match
Balloonhead - Panic Match

Monsterland drawing game

Balloonhead got in touch with us again to see if we would help them update a game they originally created in the early 2000s – an internet version of the old pen and paper game Picture Consequences.

For those who can’t remember this is a game where each player draws one part of a character (i.e. a head) then folds over the paper so the next player can’t see. Once the legs have been drawn the character is revealed in all its beauty.

Our task was to update the design of the game and completely rebuild the code from the ground up using modern technologies so it could be deployed across mobile, tablets and traditional computers. We created two versions – a web based version using responsive layouts, and a native mobile version for Apple devices built using their XCode platform.



Balloonhead - Monsterland
Balloonhead - Monsterland

The online drawing game unfolds

Our first step was to develop a simple engaging brand that would be attractive to both kids and adults. Thus a monster was born!

We created an online community where players could collaborate and enjoy a unique drawing experience, working together to create an ever growing library of freakish creations.

The game was designed with virality in mind. We knew that users of the site would want to share their creations, so Facebook and Twitter integration were at the heart of the project’s development.

Balloonhead - Monsterland

“I’ve worked closely with Arch over several years, co-developing both mobile and web based projects. Their design expertise was invaluable, as was their collaboration in developing the overall ideas and bringing the projects to completion. A friendly and knowledgeable team I’m always happy to bring in when I’m working on a new enterprise.”

Dan Norcott


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