Our work with the UK’s largest independent dairy: Meadow Foods. We’ve created a new website, with a slick, new interface and series of high-quality videos.




Meadow Foods might not be a name you’ve heard of. As a company, they’ve been unrivalled in the dairy industry since the nineties, and their dairy products support some of the biggest food industry companies in the world. Think Cadbury’s.

With the size and scope of Meadow Foods in mind, we were determined to win the pitch we were invited to in January. This pitch was to secure a brilliant opportunity – one website and three videos. Our web design and development skills, coupled the constant growth of our capacity for high-end video, meant we were confident that we could create the premium footage and interactive site that Meadow Foods was looking for.

As you might have guessed by now, we won the pitch.

Since then, we’ve been working on the new-look website and the videos in tandem. We’ve developed a sleeker, cleaner look and feel for the site, which still incorporates the Meadow Foods style and business ethos.  



“Our new website has renewed our confidence in the Meadow Foods brand as a sales tool and as a business to be proud of. Arch Creative grasped our business ethos and what we were trying to create with immediate precision.  They were prompt and professional at every step of the journey, and have helped turn our website into an engaging, responsive online experience which represents our values. The new web design was crafted meticulously by Arch based on our brief and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Jon Walsh

Group Commercial Director

Meadow Foods Logo

We travelled the length of the UK, collecting footage from Chester, York, Peterborough, North Wales and Carlisle to develop the videos. The short films focus partly on the factory work Meadow Foods does, and partly on the farmers that supply them with milk.

Our on-location filming at dairy farms across the country meant that we captured some glorious footage of the British countryside. Undeterred by the weather, we even braved “The Beast from the East” to cover all of our destinations and get our videos completed on time!

Alongside the video work, we captured some beautiful photography on our travels. These pictures can be seen on the new site (and throughout this page).


Each commissioned video zeroes in on a different aspect of Meadow Foods: one on farmers, one about the customers at the end of the process, and one on the company story. These ideas are interspersed with interview footage and sound bites from prominent members of the management team, the board and three of the company’s dedicated farmers.

After filming, we edited the footage together, selected the relevant sound bites and turned out three coherent, expressive videos that tell the story of an entire brand. These short films have taken centre stage throughout the Meadow Foods website.

milk products

“Arch Creative have been a brilliant partner since first winning our pitch in January 2018. Their work has produced some high-quality video footage from across the company – which has captured our business in a real and positive way. The Arch team were very patient and flexible during the filming process and engaged the whole business with their expertise in a very friendly and approachable way. The final videos are slick, professional and tell the story of our business perfectly – we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work on the project.”

Amy Fry

Commercial Manager

Check out the Meadow Foods site and videos here.



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