King Richard III Visitor Centre

Sky advertising campaign

Long live the king, in the space of a short ad

The King Richard III Visitor Centre is an excellent Leicester museum which delves into a fascinating period of British history. For their 10th anniversary promotion, they wanted to cut through the noise of television advertising with a video that made people pause and pay attention.

The destination was Sky Adsmart which targets customers of probable interest in your offering based on a number of key factors. This method protects your advertising budget and means customers receive relevant communications.

Our Process

The original brief was to include minimal imagery, music and sound effects, but we pitched some engaging motion and a small amount of dialogue to hook in the viewer.

Casting proved something of a challenge initially, as we had a single line to leave an impact. We required a speaker with a commanding presence and charisma to achieve the desired effect. We found an excellent voice actor who could do just that. He managed to deliver the line with an enigmatic, sinister and regal tone befitting the fascinating court intrigue the King Richard III Centre unfolds.

A simple gold crown above king richard iii visitor centre
close up of King Richard III's crown with emeralds
Best museum of the year for King Richard III visitor centre over a crown

Once we had our voiceover recordings, sound effects and music sourced, work on the imagery began. We conducted research into attraction-based ads and Sky TV commercials so that our piece would both fit in and stand out—a fine line to tread. We took inspiration from modern productions, contemporary television shows and performances from famous works with regal themes.

We conducted a site visit to the Centre in order to understand what we were promoting and for visual references. We took stills of King Richard’s recreated crown so that our rendering would be accurate. Our designers, developers and videographers then designed the sequence to work from both technical and narrative standpoints.

The Results

This production was a great success. The client was happy that we had elevated their vision without deviating too far from the original look and feel.

“The creative process from Arch was incredibly supportive, they took our initial ideas and made them far more eloquent, offered multiple ways that they could be manifested, which all could easily have become the final product, so much so, we are already thinking about our next creative venture together.” —Phil Hackett, General Manager, King Richard III Visitor Centre

The finished piece was complimented by a Sky executive, who said he would present it internally to other colleagues. This has laid the foundation for a great working relationship we can leverage to offer excellent ad services to our clients.

A golden crown in a dusty setting
King richard III visitor centre logo of a golden crown

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