James Sellicks Estate Agents

20th anniversary video

James Sellicks have been offering quality services to the people of Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire for over two decades.

They pride themselves on a higher quality of service, their professionalism and incredible knowledge of the local areas they cover. All of these qualities are embodied in the brilliant staff they employ.

To show off the fantastic team and attract new business, the estate agents commissioned Arch to create a two-minute video which would also mark their 20th anniversary.

Real Knowledge, Real People

Featuring genuine James Sellicks staff members and shot across Leicestershire, the film was shot over the course of two weeks – capturing the good weather and making sure schedules matched up. Filmed and directed by various members of the Arch crew, the video was an exercise in organisation, with the whole project unified at the end through the brilliant editing.

Each member of the James Sellicks team read a different section of the script – and varying levels of confidence and acting ability meant we needed to be on our toes when it came to directing the talent! The final shot was taken in Leicester’s Town Hall Square, before the working day had started, from a remote controlled drone.

Client Relationships

James Sellicks is a long-term client at Arch Creative, and we’ve worked with each other countless times since we formed as an agency. It’s a testament to a great working relationship that we’ve been able to work together so regularly, and the creation of this video represented one of the more complicated projects we’d worked on together.

The video not only increased sales and enquiries for James Sellicks, but it also increased a sense of belonging among the staff involved in the production. A video is a great marketing tool, but also a great retention tool. Who’d have thought?


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