Fearless Fox TV ad

Charity children’s book for the NHS

During the Covid-19 first lockdown Arch Creative Co-Founder and Creative Director Joe Nixon wrote a rhyming children’s picture book ‘The Fearless Fox & Daring Deer’ to raise money for the NHS.

The Fearless Fox & Daring Deer is dedicated to NHS staff, carers and frontline workers, and all of those who have lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspired by the first articles about urban animals taking to the empty streets ; the Mountain Goats in Llandudno and Foxes and Deer on the streets of London during the daytime, Joe wrote a story for his young niece and nephews who were finding it difficult to understand why they were trapped at home during lockdown.

TV ad for all the major kid’s channels

Nottingham-based illustrator Ami-Lou Harrison created the illustrations for the picture book that captured the colour and positivity of the story. The Fearless Fox & Daring Deer is published by WORD!, a poetry organisation uniquely co-produced by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust – and to date, the book has raised over £5000 for BrightSparks Arts in Mental Health and The Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal.

A TV advertising campaign was produced by Arch, which featured Joe’s niece and nephews, and other models including the illustrator Ami and her children, and the kids from the publishers and charities involved. Each child read a line explaining how difficult it was to understand why they were at home during lockdown; why they couldn’t play with their friends, or why they were doing maths in the kitchen.

Planned and executed by one of our media partners Guerillascope, the 30 second ad was featured across the likes of Milkshake, Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Disney Junior, with various channels generously supporting the cause.

For more information and to make your donation and buy the book visit www.fearlessfox.co.uk

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