Human to Hybrid

One of the UK’s foremost digital consultancies, Capita is a big name in the business world.

Their wide-ranging products and services cover solutions for digital recruitment, streamlining software and technology across organisations and research into sector changes.

Arch Creative worked with Capita to develop a targeted research campaign, looking into the prevalence of technology in the working world, and how humans and tech interact. The aim of the project was to further establish Capita as thought-leaders in the business community.

We developed a multi-pronged campaign, centred on a thought-leadership piece in the form of Capita white paper Human to Hybrid, which was also the name of the full campaign.

Hyman to hybrid logo against a digital backdrop

Creative thinking

Before developing the central white paper, we created a unique identity and look-and-feel to give the campaign an edge. The expertly written content and ideas in the white-paper needed a strong supporting design to set it apart from other, drier books – and that sentiment is what drove our development.

Human to Hybrid is, of course, emblematic of Capita’s focus on how humans and technology interact, both now and potentially in the future. With this combination of humans and technology in mind, the logo takes its inspiration from DNA sequencing, merging natural biology and modern technology.

A key requirement of the Human to Hybrid campaign brief was the need to display complex data clearly and informatively. Our style incorporated the design of tables and charts to accurately and smoothly display all of the information and research that had gone into the project.

Capita human to hybrid brochure
Capita human to hybrid website sections

Learning by design

Human to Hybrid was a brilliant project to work on – not just a great client and great work, but a genuine learning experience as well. We firmly believe that quality learning tools and information need quality design behind them, and we’re committed to providing our clients with exactly that.

Human to hybrid booklet for Capita
Pages of a capita booklet
Inside a Capita presentation booklet
Capita booklet design

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