Playground equipment bursting with life

On your marks…get set…

Blueberry Products designs and manufactures inclusive children’s outdoor playground equipment, as well as a range of gym and fitness equipment, goals and arenas.

Blueberry were looking for a new brand, website and marketing materials to help relaunch the business so they could start targeting schools and local authorities with a fresh strategy.

Run. Spin. Climb. Swing. Play.

After our initial research process was carried out, we decided that a vibrant, playful approach would be the most suited to reflect the fun name and products. We developed a visual language which was inspired by the way that kids interact with Blueberry’s products, forming a motion-first identity created from kinetic typography. The animated ident bounces up and down, and a range of illustrative elements interplay with real life footage, combining to create an expressive brand.

We developed a simple strapline combining five verbs which summed up the dynamic, active feel of the brand; Run. Spin. Climb. Swing. Play. These words help to quickly outline the type of products on offer, but primarily are presented to adults in a way which is lively and fun.

Blueberry branding in four colours
blueberry branding with a spinning little girl
Blueberry fencing merchandise tee shirts

Brand touchpoints

We developed a brand playbook and applied the vibrant colour palette and bold typographic styling to create a new website. As well as showcasing the extensive range of products, the website helped to highlight the state of the art machinery and processes Blueberry offers.

We also created a series of videos, capturing footage of children interacting with the products, helping to give a sense of context and scale, but most importantly portraying the Blueberry brand image as one which is bursting with life and energy.

Blueberry fencing merchandise bags and stationery
Blueberry fencing branded truck

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