Children in Need 'What's your thing?' videos

Arch were approached by BBC Radio Leicester after one of our executives was invited onto the ‘Ben Jackson in the morning’ radio show to talk about advertising.

To celebrate their 50th birthday, BBC Radio Leicester has created a recipe book using Food Friday recipes from across the years, which is being sold to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

The BBC asked Arch how we would advertise the book, and our solution was a video campaign.



Showcasing the people behind the recipes

We decided to create three showcase videos focusing on some of the chefs who feature in the cookbook. The three lucky cooks we selected were Hazel Paterson, Kiran Nagra and Holly Bell (who was runner-up in the first ever Great British Bake Off). Of course, the videos also feature Children in Need’s stalwart mascot – Pudsey.

Hazel & Juniper

Hazel’s video was the first we created. The key element we were up against on this shoot was time, with a short turnaround time to meet the BBC’s deadline. After devising a strategy to get the most out of a tight shoot, we first met Hazel whilst she was getting a tattoo commemorating a deer she’d found killed on the road and decided to put to good use in her kitchen. It sounds a little crazy, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some real background to Hazel’s story into our video.

We then went off to film Hazel’s van “Juniper” – a repurposed horse trailer with a quirky, bohemian-esque interior. Hazel spends half her time there cooking, drinking gin and looking after her cat Betty Boo. Along with a shorter version, it has since been used across social media and racked up thousands of views.

Check back soon to see Holly’s video – our final of the series.

Kiran Nagra

Our next video adventure for the BBC was to Kai Kitchen – run by Kiran Nagra in St. Martin’s Square. Kai is a restaurant with an eclectic menu, serving traditional brunches, Indian cuisine, vegetarian and meat dishes. We were drawn in by the stylish interior décor, low lighting and great location – and Kiran herself took to interviewing like a duck to water!

After an hour or so of getting interior décor shots and some meal prep footage, we sat down to talk to Kiran about Kai’s story. The restaurant is a passion project of Kiran’s, and she jointly owns it with her business partner. The particular dish she created was her Baked Bengan Bharta – and, being the lucky people that we are, we got to try some. It was delicious – and it looks fantastic on camera too!

“It’s been a great pleasure working with the team at Arch Creative, right from the start they were friendly, helpful and full of lots of creative ideas. After a meeting, it was a really quick turnaround to filming and having the completed video – which looks extremely professional and creative. Thank you so much!”

Sophie Cook

Mid-Morning Producer, BBC Radio Leicester

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