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AdviceRobo is a tech consultancy that offers worldwide lenders solutions to quickly and safely approve loans.

They specialise in using alternate, innovative ways to manage risk and approve credit – analysing the socio-cultural aspects of individual loanees to provide clients with psychographic information.

It’s potentially complex stuff and, with AdviceRobo being based in the Netherlands, there’s an added layer of complication when translating ideas to the English-speaking market. At Arch Creative, we pride ourselves on being able to break intricate products and services down into understandable, relatable marketing – so we were the perfect match for AdviceRobo and their mission to simplify their offering.

Advice robo website across laptop and smartphone
Advice robo desktop design
advice robo video design on a laptop

Creative machines

Over the last few years, we’ve worked on several projects for AdviceRobo, from designing and building their website to creating animations and developing sales videos to explain the product to investors. Perhaps the strangest (and most impactful) work we’ve done with the company involved a unique publicity stunt at the Finovate investor conference in London.

This stunt involved an 8-foot-tall robot, who marched alongside the AdviceRobo staff as they met investors at the event. It was a simple piece of PR – the company is called AdviceRobo, get a robot – but it had an incredible effect. The mechanical man drew attention wherever he went and, if you searched the hashtag for the conference, the Twitter timeline was filled with images of the AdviceRobo robot. The screen on his chest displayed the AdviceRobo logo, to ensure everyone who got a picture, or even went past our robot was exposed to the brand.

Of course, the robot didn’t just appear out of nowhere. It took a great deal of coordination to source, book and direct the robot, which was actually an actor in a costume, to London’s Tobacco Docks where Finovate was held. Arch Creative managed the process from start to finish, ensuring the robot had maximum impact across the two-day conference.

A robot standing next to Diederick of Advice Robo

Work that works

AdviceRobo had asked us for a way to make an impact at Finovate. Rather than go down the easy route – branded merch, leaflets – the AdviceRobo robot was a solution that genuinely worked, and also genuinely won business for the company. This stunt was about creating an unforgettable experience for the attendees of the conference, and an 8-foot-tall robot is something that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Advice robo robot standing next to a speaker on stage
The Advice Robo robot

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