Adventure Camp

Leicester Youth Service

Tucked away in Nottinghamshire is The Mill Adventure Base – home to the LCC Adventure Camp.

The camp is a residential activity event, which focuses on engaging with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in five different Leicester youth centres. Those centres are: Netherhall, Kingfisher, St. Matthews, New Parks and Hamilton.

The camp enlisted Arch Creative to create a two minute film that showcased the activities, community and general good times the youth of Leicester can experience. The event takes place once a year, so we had to be ready in advance to shoot, plus organise the relevant permissions from the families of the young people involved.

Fun on film

Over the course of a two-day shoot, the Arch team captured a group of young people experiencing the Adventure camp for the first time. The campers were filmed abseiling, zip-wiring, traversing, climbing various obstacle courses and caving (in artificially constructed caves!).

The film was constructed around interviews both with the organisers of the event and the participants. Interview content was then woven into the video to create a cohesive explainer on the merits and benefits of attending the camp.

Engaging Audiences

Our short video was shown to young people from each of the centres (plus their parents) to get them excited for the camps. Overall, the videos were overwhelming successes, creating a new sense of anticipation and build-up before the trip.

A lot of the work we do is incredibly rewarding, and this project falls into that category. Work that makes a difference is always fulfilling, especially when that work allows us to create something so engaging.

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