Rocket Round Leicester

An augmented launch

Rocket Round Leicester is a spectacular art event in Leicester where audiences are lead on a trail around the city, landmarked by 8ft tall rockets, each customised to be their own stunning work of art. We once again had the pleasure of working with local artist, and a personal Arch favourite, Tim Fowler, to add another level to their rocket. Building on the work done together with Graffio Arts as part of the Leicester Street Stories trail, Arch created a series of animations to tell the story of Leicester’s space heritage in an entertaining and engaging way.

Part rocket, part puzzle

To tie in with the theme of exploration and discovery, the augmented parts of the rocket required the user to do a bit of searching themselves. The AR markers were designed in a way where they could only be discovered when the user scanned certain parts of their rocket with their phone.

You can find out more about the Street Stories Rocket here.