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Digital graduation

A digital graduation

The Bloomsbury Institute focuses on world-class higher learning in the fields of law, accountancy and business.

They continued to operate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, offering students online classes and alternative ways of learning. A remote learning experience has worked so well, that the class of 2020 graduated as usual – and a graduation needs to be special.

Bloomsbury approached Arch to develop a suite of merchandise and branded items, based on the now-iconic Bloomsbury brand (also created by Arch), to make graduation happen during lockdown.

Bloomsbury institute graduation 2020

Branding for grads

The brand colours and motifs lend themselves perfectly to bespoke, professional collateral, can can be adapted and developed to bring more creative ideas to life. Creative ideas like our graduation posters. Every student received a bespoke poster – featuring their own name as a headline and the names of all their graduating classmates underneath.

Invitations were created in the form of clean, smart postcards to enhance the sense of personalisation and an online Bloomsbury community. We developed rounded stickers to personalise the physical copies of graduation certificates that were sent out to students.

Bloomsbury Graduation poster for the class of 2020
Congratulations card for Bloomsbury Graduation
Bloomsbury Graduation letter example with smiling graduates in the banner

A video memory

Students were treated to video versions of their graduation ceremonies after the event, complete with messages from the faculty staff and their names animated into the final shot. Whilst a virtual graduation probably can’t live up to the real-world memories you’d have from the physical version, how many ex-students can say they have a pro video from the highlight of their academic career?

Virtual ceremonies

Remote ceremonies might feel like a 2020-specific phenomenon – but the ease with which you can pull one off and the changing nature of the business world means that they’ll become a part of working life. If you’re looking to hold your own online ceremony, whether that’s a graduation, an awards show or even a work social, and you want it to have a professional impact, Arch Creative can do the leg work.

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