Augmented Reality Experiences

Captivate your Audience

AR (or Augmented Reality) is one of the wonders of the tech world.

Point your phone at a seemingly inanimate object, and be transported into another dimension where artwork moves and the universe becomes clickable. Point your phone at yourself and change your image in the blink of an eye. Give yourself antlers, make yourself more beautiful or insert yourself into a surreal animation. The possibilities, with AR, are endless.

At Arch Creative, we believe in using modern technology to produce work that converts for our clients. So, we offer creative solutions using AR to boost your marketing presence, and to genuinely connect with your customers.

Our designers and developers are well versed in the augmented world, and can turn their hand to pretty much anything you want. Got a crazy idea which only works in AR? We can make it happen.

Our Reality

We’ve already created some exceptional AR experiences for our clients. For Steamin’ Billy, we developed a new take on a classic – a branded doggy face filter. Developed to generate shares on social, the Silly Billy dog face was paired with the company logo and a hashtag.

For Christmas, we developed our own AR filter, which turned users into a brussels sprout. Opening your mouth ejects a stream of little sprouts, and smiling generated floating green hearts. After all, you either love or loathe brussels, right? Adding an element of interactive fun to a filter is a great way to increase engagement.

We’ve also developed an AR filter for insurance company Dead Happy, which incorporated the Skull Man head we created as part of the company’s mascot.

Probably our biggest AR project is the work we’ve done for Street Stories – our city rejuvenation package which takes local artworks and turns them into amazing street installations. You can check out some of the work we’ve done in Leicester (and other cities) at

Why AR?

If you’re not convinced yet, there are loads of benefits to creating an AR filter for your brand. Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok all have filter functions, and if you can create a genuinely engaging, interesting add-on which represents your brand, there’s no reason why consumers wouldn’t use it. And, the second they post your AR creation, they’re sharing your brand with anyone who sees their post.

Augmented reality can bring about sector specific upgrades as well. Imagine try-before-you-buy filters in the fashion world (or even for hairdressers). Imagine being able to take pictures with video-game characters (or your company’s mascot). Imagine seeing your front room with new furniture in it before you’ve even seen the furniture in real life. The possibilities are potentially endless.

In this new world of Zoom calls and Google Meets, AR can even create news stories. Why not create a branded backdrop or face filter for your employees to use? The worst that can happen is probably turning them temporarily into a cat.

If you want to create an AR experience for your business, or want some ideas on what you could do, give us a call.

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