Unless you’re some sort of cave-dweller, you’ll have heard that Caddyshackers – Leicester’s first Crazy Golf Bar – has recently opened its doors. The Arch crew was invited to the opening party for a cheeky round (of golf).



The Arch Creative Team at Caddyshackers

Caddyshackers is a bit different. Until now, there hasn’t been a crazy golf course in Leicester, let alone a crazy golf bar. It’s 18+ – which gives it an instant appeal as an adults-only venue built for nights on the town. Inside, no punches have been pulled. Every wall is chock full of graffiti, every hole is its own misbehaving little joke (a hole built around plastic bums is called, you guessed it, “The Ass Hole”). The neon lights give it a grungy, clubby aesthetic, and holes built around the shells of old cars make it feel like you’re in a Mad Max movie.

Joe B and Aaron at Caddyshackers
Joe B in the bath

The buzz around the opening has proved, beyond a doubt, that Leicester is ready for Caddyshackers – the concept has resonated with people looking for something different on a night out. The man behind the idea is Billy Allingham – one of Arch’s most long-standing clients through the Steamin’ Billy Pub brand. So, naturally, we’ve created the look and feel of the branding collateral – the logos, fonts, copy and design that represents the buzzing new venue.



The Arch Lads on a Jeep


The aforementioned Ass Hole is a definite highlight – and some of the other holes were (almost) as funny. There’s an entire 80s style bathroom, a giant Subbuteo table, a graveyard full of skeletons, a construction site (skip donated by Baker’s Waste), an office complete with old-school computers and loads more. It’s like stepping into someone’s crazy fever dream, or the set of a Stanley Kubrick film.     



Aaron playing a bit of golf

But you didn’t come here to hear about that! You came here for the cold, hard facts: who’s the best crazy golfer on the Arch team? Well, we can safely say it’s Ben. He won on the night, and apparently enjoyed it so much that he went back a few nights later. Ben rocked up with no less than 18 friends, and still managed to come out on top.    

The launch party was a cracking night – and the Arch team will be back in December for our Christmas party. You can’t really say no to golf, cocktails and delicious street food!

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