It’s that time of the month again, folks – here are some of the things that have made us go “Hmm…” in the last few weeks. In this list, we visit Google, Starbucks, the “blackest black” in the world and Marmite.

As ever – if you’ve seen anything you think might inspire us, send us an email!   

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La Lista

1. Google has redesigned their emojis! The old ‘blob’ design apparently didn’t convey emotions accurately – which is a tad ironic for an emoji. 

2. There is a small design flaw in the Starbucks mermaid logo that makes it “perfect”. It’s all in her eyes…

3. A Chinese company have built a huge solar panel farm in the shape of a panda

4. There are two statues in Georgia that merge into one every day at 19:00. 

5. A recent study has concluded that “We buy bottled water because we fear death”

6. Unilever has created a gold-plated jar of Marmite to be given away as the first prize of an app-based competition. We love it. 

7. A building has been unveiled that displays the “blackest black” in the world.


Stay curious everyone! We’ll be back with more 7 Wonders next month.



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