We’re a couple of weeks into 2018, and now the dust of the New Year has settled we can get a clearer picture of the trends we’ll be looking at this year. Some of these trends are taken from different places around the net and some are our own thoughts – the only thing you can be sure of is just how unpredictable design, advertising and marketing can be. That being said, we’re still going to give predicting 2018’s trends a whirl:


Artificial intelligence gets bandied around a lot in lists like this. It always seems a bit strange – where does AI fit into the world of advertising, design or marketing? The most obvious use for AI is data collection, improved customer experience and personalisation.

This means brands can be more personal – using machine learning to collect data. It also means that Siri, Alexa, Cortana and all the other voices in your head will become smarter and more effective – and so more widely used. This will affect search terms as speech patterns are so different to how we type, which has an effect on SEO practices. Could this result in a worldwide overhaul of web copy?


AI will get cleverer; brands will be able to advertise to you more effectively.

Artificial Intelligence Arch Blog

Responsive Logos

With an ever-expanding array of devices and ways to view brand websites, logos are becoming more responsive. This progression means that logos will need to come in a variety of different formats. Think the simple Nike swoosh on a mobile and the swoosh with “Just Do It” underneath on your desktop.

This extends to animated idents of logos appearing on video media and online – something Arch Creative have been preaching for the past few years.


Logos will become more dynamic in 2018.

Facebook will continue to be the world's biggest Media Company

Facebook says that it’s not a media company. Mark Zuckerberg insists on the moniker “tech company” – but realistically Facebook makes their money through paid advertising getting clicks and engagements.

Expect 2018 to propel Facebook forwards down the same path – there’ll be more ads on videos, more “sponsored” messages (FB’s less offensive word for “advertisement”), and less of what your friends are doing on Thursday night – unless they’re paying. Maybe that’s a good thing…


Facebook to have MORE ads.

Arch Creative trends 2018 blog Facebook logo
Zuckerberg Arch Leicester

But wait, there’s more from Facebook.

Just when it looked as though advertising would take over Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has announced a change in the social media company’s advertising algorithm. Users will see more personal content and less advertising – meaning ads will have to be top quality content-wise, or they simply won’t be seen. It may be a blessing in disguise for designers – more demand for better-looking ads will mean more work for graphics companies.


Facebook throws a curveball to advertisers.

Animated Website Interfaces

2018 will see websites embracing creativity, and by creativity, we mean using animated backdrops on their homepage. It might seem simple, but a bit of movement to bring a brand to life can captivate an audience. Remember the old DVD screensaver, and waiting for the logo to perfectly hit the corner? Multiply this by your brand.

In all seriousness, animated websites will provide a visually enticing way to engage customers with otherwise potentially unglamorous designs. We started early on this trend with our work on the Ataraxia website.


Animated websites will become more commonplace.

Arch Creative Animated Web Pages

Pinks, Purples and Reds

Bolder colours will become more prominent in brand schemes – especially pinks, reds and purples. The Arch rebrand in 2017 features these colours in a gradient style – and it’s a conscious decision which matches our prediction of bold, vibrant brands in 2018.


Brands will go bold.

There you have it – the world of design, advertising and marketing wrapped up for the next 12 months. It’s never easy to predict what will happen in any industry, and design, marketing and advertising are no different. That being said, we’re confident in our ability to spot a few trends here and there. If you notice any of our predictions coming to light, send us a message and let us know.



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