Round two of our now regular blog post on the things that have captured our imagination this week, or at least in the weeks between breaking up for Christmas and now. If you see any articles you think we’d be interested in – whether they’re design, advertising or marketing based, feel free to send us a message about them! 

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What we’ve discovered

1. Chamath Palihapitya, one of the men that helped make Facebook what it is today, says the social media network is “destroying how society works”

2. This year, LA filmmaker Andrew Finch made an incredible short film, Others Will Follow, in a storage unit. It’s based on the speech Richard Nixon would have made if the Apollo 11 moon landing flight had resulted in the death of the astronauts.

3. In a big step for AI, a robot named Sophia has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia.


4. 45,000 autonomous robots are employed by Amazon to fetch packages in their warehouses.

5. A Japanese marketing firm is giving non-smokers 6 days of leave to compensate for the smoking breaks they didn’t take. 

6. In France, a Burger King restaurant honoured its most loyal customer by dedicating the store to him and wrapping it with graphics featuring his name.  

7. There’s a website that tells you whether a movie is linked to someone accused of sexual misconduct or not


Check back in a couple of weeks for more bitesize facts from Arch.

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