The Brief

Back in September Arch received an odd brief – a request to rebrand and reinvent an institution: Santa Claus. He was unhappy with his image in the modern world but most of all he wanted an exit strategy. He was tired of climbing down chimneys and wanted to retire to Lapland. He approached Arch to help with this transition.

The Challenges

• With an ever expanding world population, Santa is finding it difficult to complete the present dropping rounds

• A focus on healthy eating and exercise means Santa’s image as a jolly fat man is outdated

• People stop believing in Santa as they get older – can he corner an older market or should he stick to his core demographic?

• Santa and his Reindeers are tired, they’ve been delivering presents for generations – it’s time for a change



Required Brand Assets

• A new name and brand identity for Santa

• New tag-lines and Christmas single concepts

• Proposed new outfit

• Additional ideas to help Santa to retire in peace


Our Solution

After working through a variety of concepts which were rejected at the first stage, the chosen idea which we presented was Santa-2-U.

The brand new Santa-2-U website includes our two new Christmas case study videos: The first video explains how Santa-2-U works while the second video gives a run-down of our rejected design concepts that didn’t quite make the cut.

Find out whether Arch were successful with their re-brand, view the Santa-2-U website here.

In the meantime, Arch would like to wish our of all clients and suppliers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2018.

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