At Arch Creative, we’re curious people. We like to learn, especially if we’re developing our knowledge of design, advertising and marketing. This is the first of a series of articles that’ll outline the industry titbits we’ve picked up.

It’ll be interesting for you as well. Consider it a little compendium of facts that will help you see advertising and creative marketing differently.

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Our findings

1. It took three years for The New York Times to report that the Wright Brothers had conquered flight. And even then it was just a passing reference.

2. Mcdonald’s I’m Lovin’ It jingle was a fully fledged Justin Timberlake single.

3. “Content is King” is a quote widely attributed to Bill Gates – but it was actually first uttered by billionaire media mogul Sumner Redstone. 

4. The 2018 World Cup in Russia doesn’t have a full roster of brand sponsors, and it’s not likely to before the start of the tournament. 

5. Earlier this year, Heinz commissioned an ad that fictional Don Draper had pitched in the TV show Mad Men, deliberately omitting the sauce.  

6. In 2015, American retailer Target teamed up with fashion brand Toms and sent patrons “double sweaters” to promote togetherness. A great example of direct mail done right.

7. In Game of Thrones, the fur coats worn by members of The Night’s Watch and Northerners alike are made from Ikea rugs. (We work with Ikea’s sister company Ikano Bank).


Check back in a couple of weeks for more learnings from the Arch studio.

Target and Toms Direct Mail Campaign Arch Creative

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