Soft Touch Arts 80's vs 90's birthday party fundraiser

On Saturday 20th May we held our joint 80s Vs 90s party with Steamin’ Billy and Soft Touch Arts!

Last weekend we went back in time and celebrated a couple of anniversaries – Steamin’ Billy Brewery Company turning 18 (old enough to drink in their own pubs is the line!) Soft Touch Arts turned 30 and we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Yeah, it’s a year late, but we can’t say no to a good party!

80's vs 90's party
80's vs 90's party
80's vs 90's party

Hosted at the Parcel Yard (Steamin’ Billy’s train-station-adjacent watering hole) we had a host of 80’s and 90’s themed entertainment to keep an array of guests amused. The Clash of The Decades DJ set featured songs from both decades battling against each other for supremacy – in the end, music won. Take a look at our nostalgic little video above which was projecting throughout the venue – and decide for yourself which was the best decade!

A cocktail bar was organised of a load of 80’s and 90’s classics – Long Island Ice Tea, Sex on The Beach and the scary sounding (but surprisingly tasty) Fuzzy Navel to name but a few.

Optional fancy dress was a thing on the night. It saw Arch’s client Matt from Prussia Bier turn up in full blown Bay Watch regalia (he was Mitch not CJ), and our own Darren in an even fuller blown Adam Ant costume.

80's vs 90's party


A dress-up station included the glam-rock wigs you’d expect from a night dedicated, in part, to the eighties, and were worn with great enthusiasm by the team from James Sellicks with Penny particularly impressive as Slash from Guns ‘N’ Roses.

80's vs 90's party

The 80’s Vs 90’s menus featured all the classic foodstuff we know and remember from each decade. Canapés were, of course, one of the main selling points of the menu. Wimpy Cheese Burgers (yep), Mushroom Fricassee Vol-au-vent, Prawn Cocktail Cups (obviously), Chicken Kiev Risotto Balls and Dairylea Mac & Cheese Bites were the delicious little snacks on offer.

Just when you thought we couldn’t shoe horn any more 80’s and 90’s food into the menu – there were some desserts. Dessert shots to be more accurate –  Sunny Delight Knickerbocker Glory with Birds Eye Creamy Topping, Limoncello and Sherbet Meringue and Angel Delight with Squirty Cream & Popping Candy – all of which sound positively mad looking back, but were glorious at the time.

We had a blast with our clients – Kasim and Kalpa from Cambridge & Counties Bank were in attendance as one of Soft Touch’s supporters, as were a host of other clients and Leicester businesses.

Joking and run-downs aside, we all had a great night and raised some money for Soft Touch – £1,600 to be precise!



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