Cambridge & Counties Bank have been a client of ours since 2015. Since then, we’ve been with them every step of the way, collaborating with them on print, digital and video production. In fact we’re a full service design agency for Cambridge & Counties and we’ve completed the launch of their brand new website.

Before we got started on the design work for the new website, Cambridge & Counties carried out some in depth research, and came to us with feedback on their existing site and specific requirements for the new one. The headline result was that only 31% of customers found the website “Very Satisfactory”. Our challenge was to improve on that percentage!

First on the list of changes was a new design – the old website was too cluttered and not optimised for mobile devices. Our design had to be responsive, adapting to a multitude of screen sizes. We’ve implemented a sleeker, more stylish design which manages to pack in far more content whilst also being simpler to use!

To make things even easier we’ve created a Help Centre on the site with all of the useful forms and info a potential customer could want. There’s also a new search function to get people to the information they want even faster. You can see a little video of the changes we made here.


Overall we’ve updated the user experience of the site and are confident this will lead to a higher percentage of very satisfied customers. The design is better, the experience flows – so the website performs better as a whole. Our developers created the site in WordPress with a bespoke design, to ensure it scales well across a variety of platforms.

We’ve also created a suite of imagery for the new site – photography of the staff and offices at Cambridge & Counties. The photos are in use across the website and are just one part of a selection of new assets we’ve recently created. We’ll be writing about more of them in the coming weeks – so keep your eyes peeled!

So, there you have it – the new Cambridge & Counties website. Here’s a link:

If you’re looking for a new website yourself (or you know someone who is) don’t be shy – come and say hello and we’ll get creating!

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