Recently, we worked on the marketing campaign for Studio Soho released film Mum’s List which you can see here – and it’s just hit the number one spot on the DVD charts.

To coincide with Mother’s Day this weekend, Mum’s List is out on DVD. Arch have designed the DVD cover, screen menus and range of social media, iTunes and Skystore graphics.

The UK’s DVD market is still worth nearly £1 billion per year, so the big four supermarkets – Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – have jumped in and now control 40% of it. The huge throughput of customers makes them ideal places to target shoppers with a Mother’s Day gift.

The DVD is being distributed by Elevation Sales who’ve also distributed films like Pulp Fiction and Pan’s Labyrinth.

Mum’s List is performing well in the DVD charts – it’s brilliant to be able to load up Amazon and see a bit of our work placed so well. It’s even the number one drama in the Amazon DVD chart at the time of writing. The soundtrack was also a smash on release – it’s got some classics on there like Teenage Kicks, plus original music from Amelia Walker.

The task for the DVD cover design was to create an image based on the poster artwork we’d designed earlier, but tailored towards Mother’s Day shoppers and with a more prominent design that would stand out from the other covers in a crowded marketplace. Our DVD artwork is bolder than the original artwork and packs more of an emotional punch. Speaking of emotional punches – here’s Emilia Fox on Loose Women talking about the impact the film had on her:

Mum’s List is the perfect present for Mother’s Day – not least due to the fact that it features Arch Creative in the credits. Pretty cool if we do say so ourselves. Pick up your copy today!

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