With the release of the Brand Finance Global 500 for 2017, published yesterday, we’ve been having a look at some of the brands we’ve helped create over the past few years and have created this compilation video.

More than just a pretty logo, this is your most valuable asset so it has to communicate effectively. At Arch, we’re genuinely passionate about developing new brands for businesses. Whether you’re a start-up or an age-old family company, we want to see and work with imaginative, fun and exciting companies – so we help create them!

Brand identity is how your company is perceived by your audience. Your company name, logo, tagline and tone of voice are all different elements of your business – brand identity is how they make your audience feel.

“Our strategy is simple – we find what’s exciting and unique about you and bring it to life. We look at what you’re trying to say and who you want to engage with and develop your brand from there.” – Arch Creative Director, Joe Nixon.


Combining originality and storytelling

Don’t give them 4, give them 2+2.” – Pixar’s Andrew Stanton. The use of storytelling by your brand creates a reason for your audience to care. We’re innately programmed to enjoy narratives – the sense that we’re moving somewhere, that there’s a progression to what we’re partaking in. Of course, if an audience emotionally invests in your company, they’re more likely to engage with it.


Bringing brands to life which reach out and connect

80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers. This stat shows the importance of connecting with your customers to keep them interested in your brand.


Communicating effectively with a clear brand strategy

If you communicate clearly and efficiently, you instill confidence in your audience. A detailed plan or brand guidelines ensures you stay professional and consistent.

We’ve converted the range of logos featured in our video into animated idents. Idents bring a logo to life – they can reveal the thought process behind a graphic, or add new meaning to certain aspects – all of which contribute to the overall identity.

Our branding identity video shows how we implement the above logic to real world businesses. Take a peek – and if you have a branding project you would like to talk about, then give our Creative Directors Joe or Luke a call on 0116 2530489 or drop an email to hello@archcreative.co.uk

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