We’ve recently developed a Halloween promo for Ghost nightclub in Leicester. A scary promo. For Ghost. This thing writes itself…

This Halloween, Leicester nightclub Ghost is holding ‘I-SKREAM’- a new concept that is essentially an underground, haunted party, which we’ve created the sinister branding for. Sounds horrifying enough, but to make matters worse we’ve created an edgy promo to get clubbers pumped up for the night. Featuring scantily clad, pig-headed models, clowns and, er, tequila, the promo is promising the night to be a mix of partying and horror. That’s what Halloween’s all about right?


Our storyboard for the I-Skream promo combines a mish-mash of horror cinema pastiche and ‘Scarface’ style indulgence. From the killer clown masks conjuring images of ‘It’ to the pig headed dancers in homage to ‘Saw’ and ‘American Horror Story’. 


Our old friend Dan Lamoon from Co-Lab Creative filmed the proceedings with a hand-held jerky camera style with a couple of members of the Arch team art-directing.

The footage was then brought to life in-house at Arch with some clever glitchy editing, old school filter grading and finally off-set by a pulsing house track underneath.



To add value to the campaign, we’ve created a series of animated gifs and extracted static images which the client has been able to use to promote on social media over the past few weeks. We also created the flyer, poster and other promotional collateral – a veritable trick-or-treat bag of collateral at Ghost’s disposal to make sure I-SKREAM is fuller than a cemetery in a George A. Romero film.

To get involved you can add yourself to the guest list. If you dare! … too clichéd? Well, just get on the guest list then. You obviously dare. It’s only a guest list.

Happy Halloween everyone – enjoy your weekend!


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