Let’s see how many fruit based puns we can get into one article about our client Fruity Beauties. We’ve cherry picked a few choice plums for the title and intro… and we’re out of steam.

At Arch, we love a start-up – we were one ourselves – so we’re helping Leicester based company Fruity Beauties get their business up and running! Helmed by Lucy Sinclair and Alicia Porter, Fruity Beauties are freeze-at-home ice poles packed with Vitamin C. Recently, the girls have started a campaign through seedrs.com in collaboration with “Love, Support, Unite” which gives 5p from every box sold to support schools, hospitals and sustainable farming in Africa. They need your help to get their delicious treats on the shelves!

There’s a serious lack of healthy yet tasty snacks, leading to kids and adults eating poorly throughout the day. Fruity Beauties, at 53 calories per pop, are the ideal, permissible treat for the working day (or any other day for that matter!). There bloody tasty too – believe us, we’ve tried them.

We’ve heard a cheeky rumour that, if you send your address with your seedrs donation, the Fruity Beauties team are likely to send you out a free sample so you know what you’re in for. Believe us – it’s well worth it!

We’re that confident in Fruity Beauties we’ve created an animation to back them. The Little Fruities (the anthropomorphised fruits you’ll see in the video) are out in full force and promoting this fantastic venture. You can create your own Little Fruity on the Fruity Beauties website.

Alicia and Lucy were more than happy with our video:

“Our animation project with Arch was not only great fun to execute but the resulting video has really helped to excel understanding about our product’s star qualities. The team at Arch never struggle to understand brief and always deliver to a very high standard. We are excited to develop our wonderful little fruity characters further through this medium!”

Aw shucks!

The pops are made with all natural colours and flavours, with the added nutritional benefit of 100% of your daily Vitamin C per pop – which is a fair old bit of Vitamin C! So far, they’ve been a hit at festivals and fairs, and the next step is wider distribution in supermarkets and stores across the UK.

Fruity Beauties is a business of the future. If you’re a budding entrepreneur they offer A) a great business model to emulate and B) a potentially winning investment to get involved in. Next stop Wall Street!

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