We’ve just been to Wroclaw Poland for a long weekend of team building. To celebrate our tenth birthday – yep, we’re ten – we headed off to (surprisingly sunny) Poland for a bit of team building and a bit of exploration. Wroclaw is 2016’s European City of Culture – so as a cultural bunch it appealed to our artistic nature.

We arrived in Wroclaw on Friday after an early morning flight from Stansted to check in at the Exclusive Apartments, before heading off to a hotel overlooking the Oder River for our team building session.


 Essentially, the session consisted of a round table meeting to discuss the future of Arch Creative and how we plan on progressing as a company. It was a great idea to sit down and talk about Arch as Arch – we love working with and helping all of our clients, and sometimes this can lead to overlooking ourselves.


The rest of the weekend was spent taking in the cultural heritage of the city – it’s pretty amazing, and completely deserves its title as European City of Culture. We had some beautiful food at the fantastic Restauracja jaDka and marvelled at the curious dwarf statues that seem to spring up out of the ground wherever you turn.


 Saturday’s England match was a slight disappointment. Some of us watched the first half on a tiny phone screen whilst we waited for food, cheered our hearts out when we scored and shook our heads when Russia got an equaliser. It was an emotional rollercoaster, much like the weekend itself.


We’re back refreshed and happy (although pretty tired thanks to a lengthy trip home on Sunday night!) and properly motivated to take Arch to the next level. So, happy 10th birthday to us! We wouldn’t be here without the amazing clients we have and all of the supportive people who have been on our side over the last decade. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us…oh and Na Zdrowie!





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