We’ve welcomed a new team mate to our blossoming bunch!

Gemma Davies joined us recently and brings a whole host of arty, work-y and… graphic-design-y goodness to the table.

She’s come aboard from a company specialising in holidays and tours (just in time for Arch’s own trip to the European city of culture, Wroclaw in Poland to celebrate our Decade of Design) where she was working as an Artworker, creating a shed-load of holiday ads.

Gemma brings a vast knowledge of graphic design due to having worked in the industry for the past few years. Before that, she studied design at DeMontfort and Lincoln University. We’re half certain Gemma was clicking away on a Mac when she was in the cot.

She’s a massive Leicester Tigers fan, which is nearly as fun as being a massive Leicester City fan. Although Tigers haven’t won the league since 2013/14… But, hey, we can’t all be the best all the time – we’ll let the rest of England have a go at Rugby for a bit.

We’re chuffed to welcome Gemma to the team. If you’re looking for an artworker to kick your latest project into touch, give us a call to get Gemma on your case.