Well, we did it. As you all know, bar any readers living in caves (there are a few), Leicester City won the Premiership this year (and by a clear ten points). The open top bus parade was something special and Arch was there to take it all in.

In the five years that Arch have been in our Rutland Street studio we’ve been lucky enough to see the Olympic Torch, Richard III’s cortege and now to top it off the Premiership champions literally a foxes’ breath away from our Apple Macs.


The parade took place on Monday 16th May – not a bank holiday, but hey it got us out of our designing for an hour or so. The numbers on the streets watching the players bus go past were astronomical.  Compare it to Chelsea’s league winning parade last season (belittled on social media for having “tens” of fans show up), the Foxes triumphant cavalcade was cheered on by just under a quarter of a million people. That’s like having the entire island of Samoa turning up.

We stepped out into the sun for a couple of beers to watch the champions go past, wiping away the tears and shielding our pasty skin from the glaring light. It was, in all honesty, one of the most amazing Leicester-based events most of us had ever seen (as well as the perilously balanced kids standing on the Arch window sills who saw it too).


The procession made its way up London Road to Victoria Park, where the players lifted the trophy for us and, as an added bonus, our other local hero’s Kasabian turned up to give us a mini gig. Nice guys.

Leicester’s triumph has really opened people’s eyes to how awesome Leicester is as a community and we’re massively proud to be a part of it. We love a good parade, so here’s to seeing you next year when we bring home the Champions League.