As you might know, we were recently nominated for an RAR award – the award for design for an agency with under 40 staff – wouldn’t you believe it; we’ve only gone and scooped it up! The trophy itself arrived today so we’re unashamedly bandying it around to let you know how great we are.

The RAR awards are the prizes given out by the Recommended Agency Register – an institute that recognises agencies through their clients. Basically, people we work with said we were cool, and RAR let us have a trophy for it. It’s a testament to the amazing companies we work alongside and goes to show that hard work really is appreciated.

The RAR Awards are one of the most prestigious of prizes in the creative marketing world, and are voted for by the community – by the people and companies that we work with. So the award is all the sweeter thanks to their support and recognition.

It couldn’t have been a better year for us to get an RAR award – it’s our tenth birthday, so achievements like this are a great indicator of how far we’ve come since our humble beginnings in a dingy Leicester bedroom. Well it wasn’t that bad, but you get the point.

So, that’s that. The RAR Award for Design Under 40 Staff is ours for 2016.

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