Arch have recently been working with the amazing educational company FutureLearn. That’s a slight disservice – FutureLearn are a hell of a lot more than an “education company”. They look into how learning works; how we can develop the way we learn and make it as effective as possible. FutureLearn offer thousands of interactive, unique, university approved courses to enhance your development as a person.

Working in conjunction with Claremont Communications we designed their new white paper. Essentially, a guide on the future of learning in the workplace and how learning will affect what we do and the way we act when we’re at work. More concisely than that, the booklet is on Social Learning.
Social Learning addresses the concept of “the student” as anyone with access to the internet – if you can connect, you can learn. The idea behind the white paper (which is suspiciously purple) is that this phenomenon will shape the future of workplace training, allowing for a more fluid, exciting learning experience for employees.

The style followed of the booklet follows the FutureLearn brand guidelines from where the colours and gradient derive. The layout of the white paper is based on the structure of the ‘step’ icon in the logo. Text and images are placed on each page using a grid system developed from the icon (which has been scaled up to fill the page). This can be best seen on the inside cover with the cropped images and white logo in the centre of the page. Fascinating stuff.

FutureLearn are a great company to be involved with – they’re innovative and fast moving – just how we like it. We’re sticking with FutureLearn in the hopes that a little bit of cleverness rubs off on us. Fingers crossed.


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