Yes – we’re working with our favourite music based television network. This time with Club MTV Europe on a couple of campaigns.

As a follow up to our successful work with MTV on their Pimp My Summer Ball graphics, we’ve designed the imagery for a series of Club MTV festivals and events which will be held throughout the year. Using the colour palette from Club MTV’s brand guidelines as a jumping off point, we took inspiration from 90’s rave culture with the use of simple geometric shapes and patterns. Adding elements of the Club MTV logo and using familiar shapes to create a “festival” feel helped bring the whole piece together.


Along with this project we’ve also designed the branding and illustrations for the massive MTV Summer Blast in Porec, Croatia. It’s everyone’s perfect summer break – sun, sea and a quality festival line-up including huge names to be announced soon.


Take a look at the website here and a little video on the Facebook page which will give you a better idea of what’s going on:

Anyway – back to the campaign. Taking the work we created for Club MTV as a starting point we developed the brand identity for Summer Blast. The style of the branding is semi-retro and a bit futurist at the same time, plus it gives off a slightly Eastern European vibe whilst encapsulating the summer feeling.

Porec has an iconic seafront which we’ve incorporated into the animated bumper to give it a sense of geography and is offset by the pulsating speakers which are incorporated into the landscape. We’ve also created an animated poster using a clean and simple illustration style and range of bold colours which helps to bring to life the sense of excitement the festival offers.

So that’s that. We’re holding out for some free tickets…but meantime we’re excited to be working on some other projects for MTV, so check back soon to find out more.