We’ve recently designed the packaging for Shelton’s Coffee Hearts.

You might remember the work we did with Shelton’s on their traditional coffee products a while ago. Take a look here if you haven’t seen them. Now we’ve assisted Shelton’s as they delve further into some great new products – this time with their Coffee Hearts.


What are Coffee Hearts? Well, they’re little heart shaped pieces of coffee which instantly dissolve when you drop them in boiling water. Smart and delicious! Who’d have thought? Coffee Hearts are a unique product from Shelton’s – you can’t get them from anywhere else.

Anyway, we’ve designed the packaging. The product is exclusive, so we needed a one-off design as well – so we incorporated the product in a sliding draw design. The draw pushes out and holds 10 Coffee Heart sachets. The draw design speaks subtly of the luxury status of Shelton’s Coffee Hearts. They’re only stocked in the finest delis, farm shops, cafés, hotels and food halls around the UK. Very fancy.


In the assorted pack there’s even a different taste to suit your mood – Classic Colombian, Amaretto, Mocha and Irish. So, whether you’re feeling like Pablo Escobar or Colin Farrell, Shelton’s has your back. There are plenty of different flavours in fact, so if Pablo and Colin don’t take your fancy, you’ve got options.

We’re coffee aficionados at Arch. So we like to think we know what we’re talking about when we say Shelton’s Coffee Hearts are pretty damn fine.


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