Arch Creative has been working closely with the organisers of the biggest party of the summer – ‘The Gathering’.
The Gathering is a Guernsey based festival, the first of its kind, showcasing boutique acts to celebrate the diversity of the music scene on the Island. Sounds pretty awesome? If you’ve never been to the Channel Islands, here’s your excuse. They’re a bit like Narnia or Platform 9 ¾, as in, if you’ve never been it’s kind of hard to fathom they exist. There are 70 odd thousand people living on Guernsey, making it about a fifth or the size of Leicester. It’s of the UK, but not in it, part of our culture, yet removed. It’s a place with a magical feeling, which will only be enhanced by this summer’s Gathering!


The Islands are dripping with history and culture (British and  French) and The Gathering is no different. Alongside local acts from the Island’s scene there’s 4 different bars, catering and trade stalls, plus a huge kids zone to accommodate your little‘uns! 
On top of all that there’s an exclusive VIP bar with a private stage, camping for the hard core festival goers and silent disco after parties.  You can’t say no!


We’ve created the brand identity, website and related marketing collateral for the 2016 festival. With this being the first major music event on the island of Guernsey, there was a real need to get across the identity of the island but still have the feel of a modern festival. Using the island’s shape, elements of Guernsey’s flag and introducing hand rendered elements to give a fun, youthful feel made sure we struck the right balance between heritage and festival culture.
Tickets are selling like hot cakes so if The Gathering sounds like your cup of tea get your ticket before the festival sells out. 


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