So, our developer Dan Norcott is going to Paris. On his bike. From his house. It sounds like he may have gone a bit nuts, but Dan’s doing it for a few more reasons than his abundant eccentricity. When he was 21 years old Dan was diagnosed Polycystic Kidney Disease, or P.K.D. His Dad suffered from the disease as well, so it’s been a massive, annoying part of Dan’s life for a long time. He’s just entered the last stage of his illness, and he’s getting a kidney transplant this summer, thanks to his mum! So, before he does, he’s getting on his bike to raise a bit of money to combat the illness.

Dan’s a great guy and is doing this for a great cause, so all you need to do is get onto his Pedalling to Paris page and donate a little amount to Dan and his team.

Dan’s story is pretty bloody inspiring, and he’s put it much more eloquently then we ever could, so have a peek at Pedalling to Paris where you can learn a bit more about P.K.D, meet Dan’s heroic team and keep up with his on-going efforts to resemble something slightly athletic! Good luck Dan from everyone at Arch!