Marketing can seem like a serious business – but it’s the funny stuff that today’s audience is after. In the world of Social Media anyway. Here are the top five brands to follow, according to Arch, if you enjoy a (cheap) laugh interspersed with the occasional genius-level witticism.

Old Spice

Just the right level of tongue in cheek masculinity and absurdist humour, Old Spice are synonymous with the internet due to the viral success of their ads entitled “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”. This cracking form is continued on through the brands Twitter account. At the time of writing the Old Spice header photo is a shield flanked by a body building lion and bear, overlooking a shark filled ocean with laser shooting helicopters and eagle riding cowboys circling overhead. ‘Nuff said.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Newky Brown doesn’t have a lot of Tweets. Since April 2015 at the time of writing they’ve Tweeted twice. The way the Geordie brewers get into the list is their consistent hilarious replies to various fans and followers. They’re a prime example of how to generate real time engagement with customers. Plus they make fun of the medium itself with things like overly long hashtags – #Iamreadingabottlecapatabar anyone?

Arena Flowers

Who’d have thought a flower delivery firm would have a zany, quipping Twitter account? Well they do. Arena consistently and ultra-regularly posts little, golden gems. They’re not a particularly massive company but the account, which should be a lesson to other small businesses, has gained them a LOT of followers with exposure as part of that parcel. Need some flowers? Who’s that hilarious Twitter account I follow?… Arena! Let’s call them.

Tesco Mobile

Dubbed by some the “sassiest” of the brand Twitter accounts, Tesco Mobile none-the-less keeps it ALL relevant. The account controllers are lucky that they’ve got such a relatable product – the plight of personal mobile phone users is ripe for the sort of observational quips all of these accounts are known for. They have bags and bags of followers as well.

Paddy Power

Always good for a laugh, the Paddy Power account Tweets regular meme style posts relating to sports. Sports you can bet on. See the link? Paddy Power’s humour gets the likes and re-Tweets, and they should as they are pretty funny typically. Interspersed are the occasional set of odds which, coupled with the sporting content, keeps them relevant.

What does all of this mean? Should you, as a business, get out there and create the most bonkers, irrelevant Twitter account you can to drive up your engagement/exposure? If you’ve not got the manpower to put into handling social media – give Arch a call. We’re always on the lookout for new clients to manage through the social media process, so if you need us, give us a call on the number below.

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