The Arch Christmas Video 2015 tells the tragic story of a creative agency just trying to have some Christmas frivolities. We’re promptly shut down by the local constabulary. Typical. Either way we had a load of fun both filming and recording and hope our stupid antics brighten up the gloomy December weather.

We recorded the track with our friends at Leicester based charity Soft Touch Arts – so a massive thank you to Joe Crofton and the whole team who we couldn’t have done this without. (You can find Soft Touch Arts’ website here)

The bar we’re in is none other than our second office, Rutland Street’s Manhattan 34. We were kindly supplied with a constant stream of… soft drinks to keep our Christmas comedy spirits up. So, a huge thank you to the guys over the road.

Leicester based musician Michael Vickers gave us our lead vocals. At Arch, we all sing like baby angels, so we needed a slightly more gravelly tone, and Michael delivered. (Michael’s Facebook can be accessed here)

So there it was, Arch’s Christmas! We’re looking forward to celebrating 10 years of designing quality content in 2016 – we hope you’ll be at the party, but for now have a very Merry Christmas!