Today marks the day in which time-traveller, Marty McFly, drove from 1985 to the present in “Back to the Future II.” Like the rest of the world, the geeks inside us could not let this one slip by unnoticed, especially since the entire movie franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year!

Many brands are partaking in the nerdy holiday by producing the product-predictions of the 80s filmmakers. Universal has released a teaser trailer for Jaws 19, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase Pepsi Perfect online for the low-low price of $20.15, (£13.29) and Nike has promised us self-tying power laces by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, little progress can be made in all areas, and inventions such as the flying car and the hover-board have not yet become a mainstream reality. Though, as the film’s producer, Bob Gale, states: “People have enough trouble driving in two dimensions,” so perhaps it’s for the best.

However, to their credit, some of the 80s predictions were surprisingly accurate – flat-screen TVs, video conferencing, thumb-print security, drones and facial recognition software have all become the norm. 3D films also came true, though we are yet to see giant sharks dive at us on the streets outside movie-theatres.

Even the Smart Glasses that Marty tried on in the film are not dissimilar from what Google have invented. Google Glasses arguably do more than their cinematic counterpart, which function more like today’s smartphones – BTTF missed the beat just a tiny bit on that one!

These comparisons got a few of the Arch team thinking: what will the world be like in 30 years, and can we accurately predict it? Probably not, but well, we figured, what the hell!


“Hologram computers, like in Iron Man. And I’m still hoping for that hover board…” – Alex

“Package family holidays to Mars! They’re just testing the water for now…mark my words this will happen!” – Jake

“Baldies will rule the planet and Torquay United FC will be crowned champions of Europe. FACT!” – Darren

“My prediction for the future is that things will remain much the same but there will be much more swearing.” – Gavin

“I think Virtual Reality will be the next big thing to surpass TV and video games. Maybe we’re already in one…” – Bryony

“Cyborgs (or at least augmented humans). I think we’ll see wearable tech become a bit more of a ‘wear on the inside’ thing. We’re increasingly seeing people doing DIY biohacking, I actually know a guy with a magnet in his finger. This will hopefully pave the way for consumer electronics. There is already medical tech used to support humans, it has to reach a stage where it can enhance them too. It’s either that or murderous, world-dominating AI.” – Matt

Matt, being the biggest fan in the office, is going to the special “Back to the Future” double-screening here in Leicester tonight!

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