This Sunday over 12,000 people took part in Ikano’s Robin Hood Marathon races, from the full 26 miles to a fun run and wheelchair race. The theme this year was ‘The Extra Mile’, with the hashtag being used across social media throughout the build-up and race day.

The runners battled against fog and road closures in Nottingham, but the energy was high, with many dressing up as the legendary archer himself and other characters as part of their charity fundraising.

The night before, Arch helped organise a carb-loading Pasta Party at Ask Italian in Nottingham’s city centre, creating a range of graphics for the event. Ikano ran a competition prize draw that awarded 160 runners to attend the meal and Arch had the idea to ask Richard Whitehead MBE to host the event.

The 200m Paralympic Champion gave an inspiring speech and answered the runners’ questions about the day ahead and how best to prepare and stay motivated. Richard also attended the marathon, opening the marathon and giving motivational speeches.

As part of Ikano’s campaign, Arch designed graphics and an animated video. The animation was featured on a digivan that travelled alongside the course on the day of the race. In addition, we also designed inflatable clapper sticks and some stylish race makers T-shirts and hoodies.

We’ve certainly been busy with all the merchandise and promotions, but it looks like all the hard work paid off. Ikano thanked us for all our support, the weekend having been a massive success – their best year ever for Marathon sponsorship!

Here’s to an even bigger and better event next year!


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